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Observation - Private Investigation

Observation Detective Bureau is the agency that specializes in all types of investigations experience and knowledge of the investigations over - 15 years and we are working to deploy National and worldwide Our office is located in Israel and the U.S. experienced professional with a permit from the Israeli Ministry of Justice .All our investigators are highly trained in their respective fields and have extensive experience from police, military, the intelligence service.

We specialize in surveillance system, missing people, background checks,Special Security Services,domestic issues,Polygraph tests,paternity and child custody matters, computer forensics, covert installation of surveillance system,covert surveillance operations worldwide,criminal defence work and internal investigations. Our team of investigators provide each and every client, outstanding service, professionalism and extreme confidentiality, all of which is maintained throughout the duration of the case, no matter what the assignment. Observation Agency maintains an extensive database of worldwide networking investigators

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Our Services

Economic investigations, business intelligence and information on competitors, security advice, special security services information, criminal investigation, investigations background and profile polygraph tests, tests to detect secret bug installation of surveillance system.

  • Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Economic investigations
  • Criminal investigation
  • Polygraph tests
  • Child custody matters
  • Employee Theft
  • Legal support
  • Insurance claims
  • Divorce enquiries
  • Crime support
  • Evidence collation
  • Tracing

    Service Area:

    USA Nationwide,Mexico,Canada,Europe,Israel


For more information contact us : info@israelipi.com

The right choice for you corporate or personal needs. Your situation is handled by experts in the private investigative field.


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